Want to make it easy for buyers on TrustRadius to visit your site? 

TrustRadius customers have the opportunity to add a custom Call to Action (CTA) button to your product listing. This CTA will appear with your product numerous places across our site, including your product listing, category page, comparison page, and more! Drive high-intent buyers to your own conversion pages to accelerate sales! 

How to update your CTAs:

  1. Click on "Product Listing" in the header
  2. Click "Edit This Listing"
  3. Go to the Calls to Action (CTA's) tab 
  4. Enter your desired URL and CTA Text
  5. Select “Save and Exit” to come back and make changes later OR when changes to all sections have been made, select “Review and Submit”.
  6. The TrustRadius Research team will review and approve your changes. 

Tips and Recommendations for your CTA's:

  • Optimize your CTA label to engage buyers. TrustRadius customers have experimented with their CTA labels for driving buyers to their demo or trial pages. Some ideas to get you started:
    • Get Started Now

    • Explore {Product Name}

    • Discover Benefits

    • Sign Up Today

    • Start Your Journey

    • Try {Product Name} Now

  • Tracking: 

    • TrustRadius will automatically append UTM parameters to your URL so that you can track visitors coming from TrustRadius.

    • Using the default UTM parameters, you can look for utm_source = trustradius.com to identify traffic coming from CTAs. 

    • If you want to use your own UTM parameters, you can include them with the URL you set up for your CTA and they will be used rather than the default UTMs.  

    • You can use a product analytics tool to examine your site's traffic to report on how many visitors were driven from TrustRadius, and to track conversion of those visitors.