Tagging your reviews is the process of using the tagging taxonomy you have created to tag individual reviews so grow your TrustQuotes library for use in syndication and marketing materials (depending upon your paid TrustRadius products subscription)

  1. To begin tagging your review, ensure the product you would like to work on is selected 

  2. Click ‘Reviews’ on the navigation ribbon

  3. Select ‘Manage Reviews’ from the left hand menu

  4. Select ‘New’ from the show status drop down

  5. Click ‘Process’ to begin processing a review


  7. In the ‘Review Level Tags’ section, each white field is a drop down menu that corresponds with the taxonomy you created. Click through these fields and select items from the menus that are relevant to the review you have selected (all review text and information is visible on your screen as you scroll down)

*note that the ‘Standard Tags’ that have been toggled on in Taxonomy, are automatically applied to your review

8. To begin tagging ‘Quotes’ (full sentences of the review relevant to a particular tag), highlight a portion of the review and the ‘TrustQuote Tags’ window will appear with a white field drop-down to select the relevant tags. 

*Note: at the end of this page there is a drop down for ‘Summary Quote’ that allows you to select one of the quotes you have tagged as best quote to summarize the review. You can also select one in this window by toggling it on (it is hidden beneath the drop down menu in the above screenshot)

**This is a premium feature. Please visit our demo page to book a conversation with our team to learn more