Commenting on reviews is extremely important and recommended regardless of whether or not the review is positive or negative. Negative reviews come from a place of frustration, and it is possible the review could be stemming from user error. The best way to determine this is to engage with the user. By commenting on the review, you are showing your customer base you care. 

If a negative review has been posted, it only needs to be temporary. The deciding factor here is whether or not you choose to engage with the user. Whether the review is positive or negative, by leaving a comment you are showing other potential buyers that customer satisfaction is important to you. The user can change their review and rating after the fact, so by extending the olive branch to the user and troubleshooting the problem, you are indirectly influencing the user to change a negative review into a positive one. 

To leave a comment, please follow these steps: 

  1. Navigate to the “Process Review” page

  2. Leave comment

  3. Hit Submit

  4. The Reviewer will then be notified via email. 

**Commenting on reviews directly from the vendor portal is a premium feature. Please visit our demo page to book a conversation with our team to learn more.
Vendors with our free profile option may comment on a review by being logged in and visiting the review directly.