TrustQuotes are powerful excerpts from the long-form reviews about your product on the TrustRadius site. These snippets of insights are tagged and organized within the vendor portal based on a taxonomy that is important to your team (competitors, features, benefits, ROI, etc.). These quotes can be easily syndicated to reinforce your marketing and sales messaging. 


Why should you be using TrustQuotes?


Most complex B2B products are sold, not bought. Vendors proactively create demand and actively work to influence active buyers as opposed to just expecting them to do their own research unaided. Yet prospects trust their peers ahead of what vendors communicate. Consequently, infusing the authentic voice of your customers via 3rd party verified reviews into your own marketing and sales channels improves conversion. Including relevant third party verified customer voice content has been demonstrated to increase conversion of organic traffic 20-100% and PPC traffic 10-20% driving more leads with no incremental marketing spend. 

Now that you know what TrustQuotes are, learn more about setting up your tagging taxonomy.