Within the Reports tab of the vendor portal is a report specifically for the reviews and ratings that have been submitted for your product. Analyze review metrics overtime to reach review KPIs. 

From here, filter based on desired date range, industry, and/or company size to understand which market segments may have a less robust review pool. 

Below the review growth chart are the individual reviews that make up the filters selected. Dive in deep to the qualitative feedback your customers have for your product and the snippets of insights they offer. Collect feedback on your product to share internally and drive value back within the organization across marketing, product, sales, and support teams. 

  • Capture the pulse of customers and how they feel about your key initiatives
  • Identify potential case studies and customer use cases
  • Understand how certain verticals use the program effectively
  • Uncover hidden pockets of feedback

This rich data is downloadable to a CSV for further analysis. In addition to the filters available within the vendor portal, the CSV report offers analysis based on:

  • Rating
  • Word Count
  • Reviewer's Department
  • Reviewer's Role
  • Review Sourcing Campaign

Below are definitions for values you will see in the Source column of the CSV export: 

  • CommunityInbound - These reviews were contributed organically.
  • CommunityInvite - These reviews are from people already in the TrustRadius community
    whom TrustRadius invited to write a review of a product. These reviews can have
    incentives attached.
  • Rating to Review - These reviews are generated when someone rates software products they use and
    then they receive an invitation from TrustRadius to write a review of a specific product. These reviews can have incentives attached.
  • DirectOutreach - These reviews come from someone outside of the TrustRadius community
    whom TrustRadius invited to write a review via cold outreach, i.e. “sniping.” These
    reviews can have incentives attached.
  • RaaS - Reviews as a Service. TrustRadius invited the reviewer to write a
    review on behalf of the vendor, who is a TrustRadius client. Vendors also
    have the option to use a RaaS review link that TrustRadius sets up for them. These
    reviews can have incentives attached.
  • VendorSourced - Vendors can also invite their customers to write a review
    on TrustRadius. These vendors can be TrustRadius customers or
    non-customers. For customer VendorSourced reviews, there will generally
    be a campaign ID that looks similar to a RaaS campaign ID in length. These reviews can have incentives attached

    **This is a premium feature. Please visit our demo page to book a conversation with our team to learn more