Save time sourcing, interviewing, and creating case studies and customer use examples. By leveraging TrustRadius' trusted 3rd-party platform, you will also have access to a complete library of references ready to be champions for your brand to potential buyers. 

This information can be found in 2 places, within the homepage of the vendor portal under Handraisers:

As well as within the Reports tab under Reference Candidates:

How the Reference Program Works

When customers are creating a review for your product, they have the ability to opt-in to be a reference for your sales and marketing efforts. To qualify as a reference candidate they must complete the following:

  • Select "Yes" to allowing contact
  • Review your product with a "7" rating or higher

Contacting Your Reference Candidates

To access the reviewer's complete profile information (including those who selected to remain anonymous on the site), download the report to a CSV. 

Within the CSV your team will see:

  • Review Date
  • Rating
  • Word Count
  • Public/Anonymous
  • Reviewer Information
    • Name
    • Title
    • Department
    • Email
    • Role in the Purchase
  • Reviewer Company
    • Name
    • Size
    • Industry
  • Link to the Review

Note: You will see this warning which reminds you their contact/profile information can only be used in the context of followup or reference program - and that their choice to be anonymous when displayed with their words/review is an independent privacy setting

**This is a premium feature. Please visit our demo page to book a conversation with our team to learn more