Reviewers authenticate through LinkedIn or with their work email address, and a TrustRadius Researcher checks to ensure they’re a real person with no conflict of interest. We also read every review before publishing to ensure the reviewer is offering detailed, thoughtful insights, and has recent experience with the product or service. We apply the same criteria regardless of the reviewer’s sentiment or our relationship with the vendor being reviewed.

TrustRadius reviewers represent a wide range of backgrounds and experience. They include end-users, implementers, consultants, business stakeholders, and decision-makers from companies of all sizes, from small businesses to the world's largest enterprises. All TrustRadius reviewers have a few things in common:

  • Authenticated — All TrustRadius reviewers are authenticated via LinkedIn or their work email address prior to writing a review.

  • Verified Users — Before publishing a review, TrustRadius research staff verifies that each reviewer has recent experience with the product.

  • Objective Opinions — While every reviewer has a distinct individual point of view, TrustRadius will not publish any review with a clear bias or conflict of interest. We don’t publish reviews from a vendor's own employees or those of their competitors. We do publish reviews from resellers, but do not include their ratings in the overall score calculations.

TrustRadius is committed to ensuring all reviewers are providing quality, candid opinions you can trust.

How to dispute a review of your product

If you feel a review or rating of your product was published by mistake—for example, the reviewer is not a customer of yours—please reach out to, and indicate why you are disputing the review. Our research team will look into it, and reply back to you with their findings.