Stay on top of your review presence and page audience from any app you wish, even when you’re not logged into the TrustRadius platform. With the TrustRadius Zapier App, support your marketing, sales, and other internal teams with events and push notifications integrated straight into their native tech stack.

Buyer Intent Data

Your buyers know what they want - so give it to them. Create targeted, relevant, and timely ABM campaigns to skyrocket pipeline. 

There’s no better time to engage with buyers than when they demonstrate an interest in your products. With real-time alerts of active buyers researching you, your sales team can be more influential with their pitch and accelerate deal cycles. 

Key buyer intent Zaps to set up:

  1. Sales and CS: A weekly digest of accounts researching and comparing you

  2. BDR Teams: Real-time alerts for buyers researching you

Review Presence

Run a successful customer voice program by staying up to date on what your customers are saying. Daily digests of new reviews with ratings let you quickly respond to reviews that need attention and promote those with high-scores and TrustQuotes. 

Our high-quality reviews host a treasure trove of customer feedback and insights. Inform customer-driven product roadmaps and impactful GTM strategies with weekly digests of new review content 

Keep management and ops team updated on what customers are saying about your product with bi-weekly digests of your best new reviews. Encourage them to engage with your customer voice program and promote the great things your users have to say. 

Key review presence Zaps to set up:

  1. A daily digest of new reviews with action items

  2. A weekly digest of reviews to source product feedback

  3. Bi-weekly digest of positive reviews to share

To start any integration, navigate to the TrustRadius Zapier page. 

You will need to select an app and a trigger to set the Zapier event in motion. For real-time alerts for buyers researching you, we recommend:

  • Slack

  • Email

  • CRM

For digests alters focused on top-level information, we recommend:

  • Email

  • Spreadsheets