Keep management and ops team updated on what customers are saying about your product with bi-weekly digests of your best new reviews. Encourage them to engage with your customer voice program and promote the great things your users have to say. 

Here’s how to set up a recurring bi-weekly update of positive reviews for leadership. Use the updates to encourage thought-leadership and awareness in the market by spreading user-validation. 

To start any integration, navigate to the TrustRadius Zapier page

  1. For your app, select “TrustRadius”

  2. For your trigger, select “New Review”

  3. Sign in to TrustRadius with your API key

    1. API keys are located under "Integrations" within "settings" of the vendor portal

  1. Select your event to happen on the trigger 

    1. For this example, we’ll select email

    2. Select “Send Email”

    3. Sign in to your email account

  2. Add the Filter from Zapier Helper

    1. Select a Greater Than Equation

    2. For Reviews with a 8-10 Rating, Select Greater than 7

  3. Add the Digest from Zapier Helper

    1. Click on the little blue plus 

    2. Search Digest

    3. Select Append Entry and Schedule Digest

  4. Create your Digest Outline

    1. Add a Headline- “This Week’s Feedback” 

    2. Create a body for the message with top-level information

      1. Reviewer Name

      2. Reviewer Company

      3. Review Heading 

      4. Link to the Review to Read More

    3. Add a scheduled frequency and time for delivery

  5. Draft the Email Message

    1. Create a recipient

    2. Add a subject

    3. Any additional messaging outside of the digest - Share on LinkedIn! 

  6. Test your Zap and Continue

  7. After the Zap runs successfully, turn the workflow on to run