Simply: It’s a pledge to be transparent, responsive, unbiased, and ethical in managing your review program. You can apply through TrustRadius for the calendar year and each product accepted will earn a TRUE badge to stand out to buyers. 

TrustRadius has always been the most trusted B2B software review site and buyer decisioning platform, with a commitment to uncovering the whole truth with long-formed reviews that are detailed and unbiased. TRUE kicks it up a notch. When potential buyers read reviews for a TRUE-certified vendor, they know that the vendor has committed to uphold the highest standards for review sourcing and use. 

Becoming TRUE-certified helps you:

  • Build trust

    • The TRUE program verifies that your brand has a vested interest in helping buyers make great decisions. Buyers will know they’re getting the whole truth from your reviews so they can be more confident in their purchase decision. 

  • Stand out 

    • As a TRUE certified vendor will earn a TRUE badge that helps them stand out in their markets, both on the TrustRadius site (compared to those who have not earned the badge), in TrustRadius marketing programs, and in their own marketing campaigns. The 3rd-party accreditation sets your brand apart by communicating to buyers that your reviews on TrustRadius are the most well-rounded and insightful.  

  • Expand market presence

    • TRUE-certified vendors will have the opportunity to be interviewed and featured in TrustRadius content as an industry leader. Our content is consumed by real buyers in your category that are searching for detailed information to make a software purchase. 

How you can be TRUE-certified

The application and badge (if approved) are 100% free. To preserve the integrity of TRUE, no company can pay to be TRUE-certified. To wear the TRUE badge, any product must meet the following requirements:

  • Disclose review sourcing methodology and use of incentives

  • Provide equal opportunity for product users to safely share honest feedback

  • Read all published reviews and respond when necessary

  • Represent review content accurately in sales and marketing materials

  • Disclose the use of intent data for marketing purposes


Is there a cost to be TRUE-certified?

There is no fee involved in this program. Vendors are eligible for the program regardless of whether they have a commercial relationship with TrustRadius.

Can I use the TRUE badge in my own marketing?

Yes, vendors who have earned the TRUE badge will be able to use the badge in their own marketing materials

How long does the TRUE certification last?

TRUE-certified status lasts for the rest of the calendar year following approval.