Important Note:

Free Zapier accounts cannot have multi-step Zaps. However, you can use a 7-day trial to preview the functionality.

Steps to set-up a weekly email digest for Reviews

  1. Start a New Zap

  2. In section 1, make these selections:

    1. Choose App: TrustRadius

    2. Choose Trigger Event: New Review

  1. Click the “Continue” button 

  2. Sign into your TrustRadius account, using your API key

    1. In Vendor Portal > Settings > Integrations > API Key

  1. Click the “+” sign underneath the “Test & Review” and “Test & Continue” buttons

  2. Select “Delay”

  3. In the Delay section > Choose App & Event, make these selections:

    1. Choose App: Delay by Zapier

    2. Choose Action Event: Delay Until

  1. In the Delay section > Customize Time, make these selections: 

    1. Date/Time Delayed Until: fridays at 4pm

      • Note: click the Calendar icon next to this field name, to read Zapier’s documentation about supported inputs

  1. Click “Test & Continue” button

  2. In the “Do This…” section, make these selections:

    1. Choose App: [Your messaging or email client of choice (Gmail, Outlook, Slack, etc). For this example, we’ll use Gmail.]

    2. Choose Action Event: Send Email

  1. Click the “Continue” button, then in the Choose Account section select the email account to send through, and then click the “Continue” button

  1. Customize Email however you like! 

    1. To: [your email(s) of choice]

    2. Subject (example): Weekly TrustRadius Reviews Digest

    3. Body (example): [Rating]/10 Review of [Product Name] from [Reviewer Company Name], written by [Reviewer First Name] [Reviewer Last Name]: [URL]

  1. Click “Test & Continue” button

  2. Recommended: Name your zap to match the subject of your email (in this example: Weekly Reviews Digest)

  3. In the top right corner, or from the bottom middle, toggle the Zap from “Off” to “On”