TrustRadius and 6sense partnered so marketers can seamlessly access downstream intent data to build and target rich in-market audiences, driving them down the buyer journey. Learn more.

Configuring the 6sense/TrustRadius Integration

  1. Make sure you have your TrustRadius API key available. See the article Accessing your TrustRadius API key for details. 

  2. Log in to the 6sense platform. 

  3. Go to the Settings page within 6sense by clicking on the gear icon in the left menu.

  4. Click Integrations Settings > Integrations.

  5. On the "All Integrations" tab, click TrustRadius (in the "Intent" section).

  6. Paste your TrustRadius API key into the field and click Validate

  7. You will see a success message confirming your integration is now configured. TrustRadius intent data will be available in the 6sense platform within 48 hours. TrustRadius intent data will be updated on a daily basis thereafter.
  8. Once you've added your API key, you can map your TrustRadius intent data to your 6Sense products.