How does the LinkedIn Matched Audiences integration work?

TrustRadius’s integration with LinkedIn allows you to build audience segments for LinkedIn using TrustRadius intent data. Marketing teams can use audience segments to build LinkedIn ad campaigns that target people who are actively researching their product (or category) on TrustRadius.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Vendors build audience segments on the TrustRadius vendor portal. These segments are composed of intent data for companies that have researched the vendor’s product(s) or category (including products in that category) on TrustRadius.
  2. TrustRadius syncs the segment data to LinkedIn. This data includes company information for users who have researched products or categories related to the vendor on TrustRadius. 
  3. LinkedIn uses the company information to match the companies showing intent on TrustRadius with their corresponding companies on LinkedIn. Companies that are successfully matched are included in the LinkedIn audience segment. 
  4. Once the audience segment is built, it can be used for LinkedIn ad campaigns. Audience segments are refreshed with the latest intent data on a daily basis. 

How much does it cost for us to use the LinkedIn Matched Audiences integration? 

For TrustRadius customers, there is no additional cost to use the LinkedIn Matched Audiences integration with the intent data you have purchased as part of your TrustRadius subscription. If you are not a customer of TrustRadius, reach out to us to learn more!

How long does it take to implement and set up the integration? 

You can start creating your first segment in minutes! All you need to do is connect your LinkedIn account with TrustRadius and begin building your first segment. There is no installation or configuration needed!

Is there a limit to how many segments I can create and sync to LinkedIn?

No! You can create as many segments as you’d like and sync them to your LinkedIn Ad Accounts.

What companies are included in my segments when I select a "Product" or "Category"?

When visitors come to TrustRadius to do research on products and categories, TrustRadius is able to resolve what company that visitor is coming from some percentage of the time. 

  • When you build a segment using the Product filter, you will specify which of your product (or products) you would like to include in the segment; the segment will be built based on the companies that have researched that product on TrustRadius in the specified time period.
  • When you build a segment using the Category filter, you will specify which category (or categories) you would like to include in the segment; the segment will be built based on companies that have research that category AND any of the products in that category on TrustRadius in the specified time period. 


Once I create a segment, how quickly can I see the companies and begin using the segment in Campaigns?

Once you create your segment it will be created within LinkedIn Campaign Manager immediately and will go into “Building” status. It can take up to 48 hours for the segment to build, at which point the segment will move into “Ready” status. As soon as you’ve created your segment, you can incorporate it into a Campaign in LinkedIn Campaign Manager, however the segment must reach “Ready” status before the companies can be targeted via that Campaign. 

Are the segments I create dynamic? Once I create my segment, how often does it update? 

Segments are dynamic, meaning they will always stay fresh based on the time period you’ve defined when creating the segment. Segments are updated on a daily basis - companies which have aged out will be removed from the segment, and new companies showing intent will be added to the segment.

Can I edit an existing segment?

At this time, we do not support editing segments. If you wish to make changes to a segment, you have the option to delete the segment and create a new one with the desired parameters.

Can I filter the companies included in my segment based on firmographics?

Currently you are not available to filter the companies based on firmographics (i.e. industry, company size). However, within LinkedIn you can further narrow down the segment based on these attributes so that you can control the types of companies and types of users that you include in your Campaign.   

How does LinkedIn match companies that are included in my segment from TrustRadius?

When you sync your segment from TrustRadius to LinkedIn, TrustRadius provides details about the companies in the segment (i.e. company name, website, LinkedIn company URL) that LinkedIn uses to identify and match that company on LinkedIn. 

What role/access do I need to be able to connect my LinkedIn account to build segments from TrustRadius?

In order to connect your account, you need to have one of these roles for the LinkedIn Ad Account you wish to connect: Owner, Campaign Manager, or Account Manager. Learn more about LinkedIn’s roles here.

I use multiple Ad Accounts on LinkedIn. Can I create Segments for each of them? 

Yes. As long as your Ad Accounts are associated with the same LinkedIn account, you can create segments for any of them. Just select the desired account from the Ad Account dropdown when creating a segment.  

Our marketing team shares a single LinkedIn ad account. Can we see all segments that were created using that account?

Yes. Segments that were created using the same LinkedIn ad account will be visible to all users with access to that account. For example, if Bob creates 1 segment and associates it with Acme Company’s ad account, and Jane creates 2 segments and associates them with the same ad account, both Bob and Jane will see 3 segments in total - the 1 segment that Bob created and the 2 segments that Jane created.

My segment's status is “Updating.” What does that mean?

"Updating" means that the segment is being refreshed with the latest intent data, which happens on a daily basis. Users can still use segments even when they are updating.

Here’s a rundown of the different segment statuses:

  • Building - When a segment is first created, the initial state is Building, which means the segment doesn't have anything to serve. Segments can take up to 48 hours to finish building. 
  • Ready - The segment is available in LinkedIn and is ready to be used in a Campaign.
  • Updating - TrustRadius is updating the segment by adding and/or removing companies based on the latest intent activity. Segments with an “Updating” status can still be used in Campaigns.
  • Archived - Segments that have not been used in a LinkedIn ad campaign in 30 days will be automatically archived. You can “reactivate” these segments by selecting them as your Target Audience when building an ad campaign. Archived segments will still be updated with the latest intent data.