1. Log into the TrustRadius vendor portal.
  2. In the left-hand navigation, click Integrations.
  3. Click the LinkedIn Matched Audiences card.
  4. Click Continue to integration (top right).
  5. Click the arrow next to the Segment name to expand the Segment.

The following information will be displayed:

  1. Segment Name
  2. Audience - The estimated audience size that will be reached when the Segment is used in a LinkedIn campaign.
  3. Matched/Total Accounts  
    1. “Matched” refers to the number of companies in the segment that were successfully matched to a corresponding company on LinkedIn over the past 7 days. 
    2. “Total Accounts” refers to the total number of companies that were included in the Segment over the past 7 days. 
    3. Note that both the “Matched” and “Total Accounts” fields are tracked over a rolling 7-day period. For example, if a Segment has a Matched/Total Accounts ratio of “90/100,” this means that over the past 7 days, the Segment included a total of 100 companies that were sent to LinkedIn, and 90 of those companies were successfully matched.
  4. Match Rate - The percentage of companies in TrustRadius’s Intent data that were successfully matched to a corresponding company on LinkedIn.
  5. Status 
    1. Building - When a segment is first created, the initial state is Building, which means the segment doesn't have anything to serve. Segments can take up to 48 hours to finish building. 
    2. Ready - The Segment is available in LinkedIn and is ready to be used in a Campaign.
    3. Updating - TrustRadius is updating the Segment by adding and removing companies Segments in Updating status can still be used in Campaigns.
    4. Archived - Segments that have not been used in a LinkedIn ad campaign in 30 days will be automatically archived. You can “reactivate” these segments by selecting them as your Target Audience when building an ad campaign. Archived segments will still be updated with the latest intent data.
  6. Created by - The user that created the Segment
  7. Date Created - The date that the Segment was created.
  8. Products/Category - Lists the product(s) or category that was used to generate the Segment.
  9. Ad Account - The LinkedIn Ad account that the Segment is connected with.
  10. View Companies - Click View Companies to view the list of companies that were included in the Segment. Note: This link will not be available when the segment building process is first initiated.