To include a TrustRadius audience segment in a LinkedIn campaign:

  1. Log in to LinkedIn Campaign Manager.
  2. Select your Ad Account. This must be the same LinkedIn Ad Aaccount that you selected when creating audience segments in TrustRadius. 
  3. Select or create a Campaign Group. If you are creating a Campaign Group, complete the “Create a Campaign Group” form and click Save
  4. Click Create > Campaign. Confirm that the selected campaign group is correct. Click Next.
  5. Select an Objective for your campaign. An objective is the action that you want your audience to take upon seeing your ad. Click here to learn more about the available objectives in Campaign Manager.
  6. In the Audience section, under “Who is your Target Audience?,” click Audiences > Third Party > Third Party Company > Select the audience segment that you would like to use.

    • If your audience is too large, you can narrow it down using the Location and Audience Attributes sections. To learn more about LinkedIn’s targeting options, click here.
    • If your audience is too small, you can expand it by creating a Lookalike Audience that targets people with similar characteristics to your TrustRadius matched audience segment. 
  7. Once you’ve finished building your audience, click Save Audience. Enter a name and description for the audience and click Save. Saved Audiences can be used for future campaigns.
  8. To finish building your ad campaign, select your ad format, budget, schedule, and the ad content to be used in the campaign.
  9. Review and launch the LinkedIn ad campaign.

For more information on how to use LinkedIn Matched Audiences, click here.