You can use Demandbase Selectors to create dynamic lists of accounts* that are showing intent about your product, your competitors, or your category on TrustRadius. You can also combine TrustRadius intent with other intent sources and Demandbase filters to create more refined account lists. You can then leverage these lists for targeted marketing actions in the Demandbase ABM platform.

*Important: Selector queries will only return accounts that already have a firmographic profile in your Demandbase tenant. Net new accounts will not be surfaced.

  1. In the left-hand navigation bar of your Demandbase tenant, click [Database icon] > Accounts > Account Lists > Create New.

  2. In the Create New Filter window, enter a Name and select a List Type and Visibility setting. Click Create Filter. For more information on list types and visibility settings, see Create and Access Account Lists.
  3. Click Add Accounts.
  4. Click the Selector tab, and then the Advanced tab.
  5. In the searchbox on the right-hand side, enter “Intent Surge”. The Intent Surge filter should automatically appear under the searchbox. Click and drag the Intent Surge filter and drop it in the criteria field (dotted-line box) on the left.
  6. Click Add constraint. From the Add Constraint dropdown menu, select Activity Date, Intent Topic, and Source.

  7. Define the Intent Surge filter criteria:
    • Activity Date (Optional)-  Defines the activity time frame. Any intent activities executed before or after the defined time frame will be filtered out. You can change the operator (e.g. “in the past”), value (e.g. 3) and unit of time (e.g. “months”) of the Activity Date.
    • Intent Topic(Optional): Allows you to filter TrustRadius intent activities by topic. You can change the operator (e.g. Contains) and/or value. The value can be a company name, a user activity, or a phrase that describes the business area that you’re researching. You can select one or multiple value types. Here are some examples of Intent Topic values: 
      • Application Performance Monitoring as a business area (i.e. category)
      • Acme Corporation as company name
      • Viewed as a user activity
    • Source: Defines the intent data source, which should be TrustRadius. From the Operator dropdown menu, select Equals. From the Value dropdown menu, select TrustRadius.
    • You can add additional filters to your selector by clicking the + icon underneath the Intent Surge filter. When combining filters, you can select AND or OR logic by clicking the AND/OR toggle on the right-hand side.

  8. Click Save.  
  9. Click on the List tab. Each entry on the List tab represents an account that meets the criteria defined in your Intent Surge filter. Keep in mind that Demandbase will only show accounts that meet your criteria AND already exist in your Demandbase tenant. Net new accounts will not be surfaced.