Who can access the integration?

TrustRadius customers who have access to their company’s Demandbase instance will be able to access this integration. Customers will have access to the intent data that they have purchased as part of their TrustRadius subscription. 

Is the TrustRadius integration available on the legacy Demandbase platform?

No, the TrustRadius integration is available on Demandbase One only. Click here for more information on Demandbase One.

What data can customers see with this integration?

TrustRadius sends all intent data that the customer has purchased as part of their TrustRadius subscription to Demandbase. However, Demandbase will only surface intent for accounts that already exist in the customer’s Demandbase tenant. Net new accounts will not be surfaced. 

How do accounts end up in a customer’s Demandbase tenant?

Customers add accounts that they are interested in to their Demandbase tenant through CSV uploads, CRM integrations, and more. 

Once the integration is set up, how soon will the intent data be available?

The initial data will be available within 24 hours of setup. Once set up, customers will have access to 90 days’ worth of TrustRadius intent data.

How often will the intent data be updated?

The intent data will be refreshed on a daily basis. 

How much does it cost to use the Demandbase integration?

There is no additional cost to use the Demandbase integration with the intent data that you have purchased as part of your TrustRadius subscription. 

How long does this take to implement?

Not long at all! To set up the integration, just follow these steps or ask your Demandbase Customer Success lead for assistance.

Can I access TrustRadius intent data on Demandbase’s Salesforce iframe (widget)?

At this time, TrustRadius intent data is not integrated with Demandbase’s Salesforce iframe.