Letting your customers know some basics about your pricing structure will help them become confident in your product before they reach out to your sales team. This document will show you where pricing content shows up across your community pages and how you can drive more content to those areas.

Where does my pricing information show up on TrustRadius Community Pages?

TrustRadius has actively made product changes to feature product pricing information across its community pages over recent years. This includes:

  • Launching a new standalone pricing page in summer 2021

  • Redesigning our product pages including featuring pricing content

  • Enhancing the product card section on category pages to now feature pricing content in a prominent way across a buyer's journey through TrustRadius. 

Below are examples of where pricing content is shown to buyers on TrustRadius:

Product Page - Pricing Example

Pricing Page - Pricing Example

Category Page - Pricing Example

IMPORTANT: In the content above, Zoom has provided most of the basic pricing information we recommend and this is how information is displayed in various areas of the site where Zoom is featured. It is important to note that your pricing page may look different depending on the amount of content that you have provided on the page. In addition, later in this document, we will explore what your pages look like if pricing content or information is not provided as there are important implications to consider. Lastly, there are also two additional types of pricing content that are important to understand that are not content you can directly control on your own:

Long-Form Pricing Content

Pricing Page - Pricing Quotes Section


How does this pricing content appear on my pricing pages?


Longform pricing pages on TrustRadius get about 5x the median page views that non-long-form pricing pages get on TrustRadius. In addition, average session duration increases about 20% from 2:58 to 3:33 and average time on page increases from 8:33 to 19:26 or an increase of almost 130%. This research is driven by the TrustRadius research team. If interested in having long-form pricing content on your pricing page, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager to help TrustRadius prioritize that update.

Source: GA & Heap as of 02/04/22

Pricing Quotes

One other form of pricing content on TrustRadius pricing pages is called “pricing quotes”. The way to generate this type of content on your pricing page is to drive reviews. TrustRadius leverages textual analysis to surface snippets from any reviews that contain keywords associated with pricing such as “value” or “price” to build additional pricing content for buyers to help them get additional context on previous buyers’ experience with pricing content. This is an important tool for helping buyers engage more deeply with your review content. The more reviews you drive the more often you will get reviews that touch on buyer experience with pricing.

What happens if I don’t add pricing to my product?


Buyers find pricing information as critical to their process of evaluating products and determining a short-list. They do not want to spend a lot of time researching a product and even entering sales conversations and/or demos only to find that the product does not work for their budget in the first place. 54% of buyers say they are less likely to purchase a product if they can't find pricing on their own.


For vendors that do not provide numerical pricing information for their product, buyers will see the pricing of similar products in the same category they are researching on the vendors Product & Pricing pages that do have pricing information. In addition, if you do not have pricing information we have included the ability for buyers to indicate that they are interested in pricing. 


It is important to note that once the starting price and/or pricing editions field is filled out in your vendor portal, the alternative pricing section will be removed on both the product and pricing pages. More information on how to add starting price and/or pricing editions content can be found in the section below in this article.



Alternative Pricing - Product Page screenshot


Alternative Pricing - Pricing Page screenshot 


Next, let's understand how to update pricing in your vendor portal.