TrustRadius now has the ability to pull reporting data for LinkedIn campaigns that leverage TrustRadius intent. This reporting data will enable your TrustRadius Customer Success Manager to provide personalized recommendations on how to improve your campaign performance. In the near future, this data will also be accessible to you via the TrustRadius Vendor Portal.

To unlock this reporting feature, users must re-authenticate to their LinkedIn account through TrustRadius. TrustRadius requires access to additional permissions scopes in order to view your campaign data; re-authenticating to your LinkedIn account will enable us to request the required scopes as part of the authentication process. This feature will not expose PII or sensitive information, and TrustRadius will not share reporting data with anyone outside our organization.

To re-authenticate to your LinkedIn Account: 

  1. In the TrustRadius vendor portal, click Settings (gear icon) in the upper right corner of your screen. 
  2. In the side menu, click Integrations. Under Integrations, click LinkedIn.
  3. In the blue banner, click Re-authenticate to LinkedIn. (If you do not see this banner, it means that you've already enabled all required permissions scopes on your account, and do not need to do anything further.)

  4. Enter your LinkedIn user credentials. Click Sign In.
  5. Click Allow. This grants LinkedIn permission to connect your Ad Account to TrustRadius and send TrustRadius metrics for ad campaigns that you've orchestrate using TrustRadius intent.