**TrustRadius can only assist with your event if you have a paid partnership with TrustRadius.

Whether an event is virtual, in person, or hybrid it is the perfect opportunity to not only attract prospective customers, but also to gain reviews from current users of your product. Events generate large quantities of reviews that would generally take months to accumulate within the matter of just a few days. This will not only provide more content for marketing purposes, but also will help gain momentum for TrustRadius awards, increase page views, and impact buyer intent data. Here at TrustRadius, we have a team that specializes in event support, easing the pressure off the vendor by helping assist with driving reviews. 

In person events that have an onsite review booth have historically been proven to generate the highest count of published reviews. Recently, TrustRadius participated in SAPInsider, where we were able to generate a little over 200 reviews in just 3 days! TrustRadius is happy to work with you to come up with the best review sourcing strategy for your event. We will be able to supply as many laptops and TrustRadius staff members as needed.

Whether your event is in person, virtual, or hybrid, let TrustRadius know which subscribed products you want to drive reviews for as soon as possible. For in person events, we can create postcards or business cards with a QR code to leave a review as an extra leave behind for people who don’t do the reviews in person. QR codes and links will be active until 2 weeks after the event has ended. 

Creating excitement pre and post-event is also recommended for either virtual or in person. We recommend sending a pre and post event email with a CTA to leave a review. Prior to the event, this will help build excitement, while the post event email can be used to thank the user for attending. If you have a survey you’d like attendees to fill out post-event, we recommend including the link to leave a review in that same email to avoid duplicate outreach. 

A giveaway (or physical gift) is important in helping generate reviews at customer events in addition to a monetary incentive. The more unique or special the item, the more eager attendees are going to be to sit down and write a review. In the past we’ve found that stuffed animals or other souvenirs work well. As an alternative option, gamification or a sweepstakes are another great way to lure users to write a review. 

To ensure a seamless experience during the event, we recommend communicating with conference staff that TrustRadius will be there sourcing reviews and working the expo floor. It is highly important to have a team member on the floor doing outreach, letting attendees know where our booth is located and working the crowd in high traffic areas before or after a session. Targeting a session is something that can also be utilized for virtual or hybrid events with a CTA link to write a review after the online session has ended. For in person events, the review booth location should ideally be central, visible, and easy to find. 

If your event is virtual, as mentioned above you can still utilize strategies such as pre/post event outreach, CTA’s for targeted sessions, and gamification (though the prize would be sent to the home of the user instead). Depending on the platform you are using, for a virtual event the TrustRadius team could work a virtual review booth with a live chat to help troubleshoot users writing a review. Virtual events should also push heavily on social media CTA’s to leave a review and digital ads. 

Whether the event is virtual, hybrid, or in person, social media is a huge plus in helping with review generation. We recommend 3 posts a day utilizing LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. Use this opportunity to get event attendees excited and tell them what you have to offer when they leave a review. Post a picture of the booth to show attendees what it looks like and where the booth is located. If the event is in person, tell them there is additional swag for visiting the review booth to write the review. Even if the attendee does not complete their review online with the provided link, these posts will advertise the review booth location on the expo floor driving traffic throughout the day. TrustRadius will also assist by posting on our personal social media pages. 

Remember, our team is here to help! Let us know if you’d like TrustRadius to participate in your upcoming event. Talk to your CSM to learn more or schedule a call with our events team.