Omdia is a 3rd party analyst firm that is owned by informatech. Though they are not affiliated with TrustRadius in any other way, we have formed a partnership to drive reviews for vendors who have been selected to participate in “universe reports.”

Each universe report tackles a specific software market and evaluates vendors and products within that space, highlighting key products that provide an exceptional customer experience. Omdia has partnered with TrustRadius because our reviews are ethical, unbiased, and our content is longform (averaging 350-400 words per review). This data helps inform the customer experience axis of Omdia’s universe map. Analysts may also use supplemental methods to obtain data in addition to TrustRadius reviews, such as interviews, or surveys. 

A vendor does not need to be a customer of TrustRadius to be selected for being featured. However, if you have been selected, we recommend booking a call so we can discuss how TrustRadius can assist with driving reviews. 

Data is collected for this report through a set of questions asked in each review specifically designed to gain data points on the following: 

  • trScore

  • Usability 

  • Customer support 

  • Feature satisfaction 

  • Ease of deployment 

  • Performance & Availability 

  • Pricing and contract terms

If your company does not have a paid partnership with TrustRadius and you’ve been selected for a report, the standard review questions have already been swapped with the Omdia specific questions. If you do have a paid partnership with us, we need your permission prior to changing current questions within the review flow. Once a universe report deadline has been met, the standard and custom questions are reinstated. 

Analysts do have the option to feature a Voice of the Customer section. For further questions on whether or not your particular report includes this, either reach out to TrustRadius or contact your analyst directly. The Voice of the Customer section is a snapshot of an excellent review on TrustRadius that will be anonymous and serves as a mini case study. 10 reviews within the past 12 months is a requirement to be featured in Voice of the Customer. 

If your report has already finished and you have questions, we recommend reaching out directly to your assigned Omdia analyst.