Top Rated Awards showcase today's best products based solely on user feedback and satisfaction scores. 

Why does being Top Rated matter?

Being Top Rated means increased visibility and credibility with your prospective buyers.  As a Top Rated Award winner, you’ll garner 90% more visibility from traffic visiting your category page. The five highest-scored Top Rated Award winners are showcased above-the-fold for their respective category. Even better, 10% of those viewers will click and engage on your product page. 

How do I track my progress for my products towards winning Top Rated? 

In the TrustRadius vendor portal you can view tracking for all of our products and how they are progressing towards winning Top Rated, all in one place. To access this tracking, click on "Awards" in the vendor portal, and from the Awards Overview page select the Top Rated award. 

From this page, you can filter to see your products that are currently "On Track" and "Not On Track" to win a Top Rated award. You can filter by year to see which products have won the award in the past. You always have the option to view all of this data in a CSV by leveraging the "Download Report" CTA.