Technology awards are a great way to show potential customers that your product is the best of the best, but buyers are skeptical of awards because so many are pay-to-play. Contrary to other award programs for B2B technology companies, TrustRadius' awards are earned, never bought.

TrustRadius has awards based on trScore, review sentiment, content analysis, and nomination

Our awards are earned, never bought

TrustRadius is the most trusted research and review platform for business leaders to find and select the right technology for their needs. Decision-makers across industries rely on verified, unbiased peer-based reviews and our awards program is no different. 

Our Top Rated and Best Software Awards are given to technology companies that demonstrate excellence based on recent customer sentiment, which is determined by our proprietary algorithm. The Summer Best of and Winter Best of Awards highlight positive outcomes from key insight questions answered by reviewers. Our nomination-based awards are vetted by our research team. Our Most Loved award is based on content analysis by our research team where they identify the products reviewers said they loved the most on TrustRadius. There are no registration fees, you don’t need to be a customer to win, and winning is not based on the sheer volume of reviews a product has on their profile.

How our awards are different

Our awards are designed to help inform buyers’ decision-making based on researcher-vetted peer reviews. There are no fees associated with TrustRadius awards because we want the best products to win. Other technology awards programs have registration fees or require that your company is a customer or business partner. This skews the data to favor technology with deeper pockets, not necessarily what’s best-in-class.  

Buyers want third-party validation, and that’s what they get when they see TrustRadius reviews and awards badges.

  • No fake reviews: Reviews on TrustRadius are from real, verified users
  • No bias: Reviews on TrustRadius give you the full picture, not the rose-colored glasses view 
  • No games, gimmicks, or funny stuff: Technology companies can’t pay for placement or skew the information on our site
  • No black boxes: We encourage transparency from all companies and individuals on our platform and practice it ourselves

TrustRadius reviewers are

  • Authenticated — All TrustRadius reviewers are authenticated via LinkedIn or their work email address prior to writing a review
  • Verified users — Before publishing a review, TrustRadius research staff verifies that each reviewer has recent experience with the product
  • Objective opinions — While every reviewer has a distinct individual point of view, TrustRadius will not publish any review with a clear bias or conflict of interest. We don’t publish reviews from a vendor’s own employees or those of their competitors. We do publish reviews from resellers, but do not include their ratings in the overall score calculations

Check out the full list of awards and deadlines on our Awards Calendar