What is the TrustRadius Best Software List?

At TrustRadius, we exist for the buyer. We ensure to award all technology with positive customer sentiment so the buyer can make the best purchase for their business.  For us it’s about integrity, not pay to play, which is why we’re launching our first-ever TrustRadius Best Software List to honor those products catering to the evolving market and providing end users with exceptional product and service to meet their business needs. 

Buyers, marketers, and reviewers alike understand the needs of a small business and an enterprise are vastly different. TrustRadius earns 17.8 million impressions a month on category-level market-specific searches.

The TrustRadius Best Software List celebrates products that support the evolution of self-serve buyers by sourcing and using customer reviews. 

To make the list products must have 40+ reviews within a one year timeframe (outlined in the Awards Calendar below) and have maintained a trScore of 7.5 or higher. These characteristics demonstrate a commitment to transparency, improvement, and user insights. 

What are the benefits?

  • Stand out - As a Best Software winner, you’ll be provided with multiple Best Software badges to help you stand out in your market on the TrustRadius site, in TrustRadius marketing programs, and in your own marketing campaigns. Whether buyers discover your products on your site or ours, they will be greeted with this accomplishment. The third-party accreditation sets your brand apart by communicating to buyers that you value your customer’s voice and your product enables your users to accomplish their business goals. These badges will add visibility, credibility, and brand preference. 
  • Expand Market Presence - The TrustRadius Best Software List will not only be giving out badges for best overall software but will also consider the market sizes the product best caters to. You can earn badges in Enterprise, Mid-Market, and Small Business. These badges are a great way to capture those folks who search for specific market-size software options on TrustRadius. Simply put, a spot on the Best Software List means more eyes on your product by the people you most want to see it and buyers want this information to make the best purchase decision for their needs.

How to make the list and win more buyers:

The value of the awards comes from the scale and customer sentiment of your reviews. You must have 40+ reviews generated this year and a 7.5 trScore.

Any product that meets the aforementioned requirements will be recognized.

Please look at our complimentary review growth kit to learn more about quickly generating reputable reviews, or schedule time with our awards team for a personalized review sourcing strategy session, and to see how you are pacing towards earning a spot on the TrustRadius Best Software List. 

Check out our Awards Calendar to see the deadline for this award