TrustRadius has created a simple, frictionless way for vendors to add their Whistic profile to their presence on TrustRadius. Simply follow the steps below.

Prerequisite: In order to use this feature, you must have a Whistic profile that qualifies as “Whistic Ready” and enable sharing with TrustRadius. 

  • Click here to learn how to create a Whistic profile.
  • Click here to learn how to verify that your Whistic profile qualifies as “Whistic Ready” and share your profile with TrustRadius.
  1. Log in to TrustRadius. Click For Vendors > Access Vendor Portal.
  2. Click Product Listing. Click Edit This Listing.
  3. In the side menu, click Security.
  4. In the Whistic section, paste your Whistic public profile link. 
  5. Click Review and Submit.
    • If you would like to save your changes without submitting them for review, click Save and Exit.
  6. Review your changes and click the “Accept Terms” checkbox. Click Submit. This will initiate the review process. Changes to product listings are reviewed by TrustRadius before being published to the site.