You can set up a webhook to deliver your TrustRadius leads to the system(s) that your organization uses to manage leads. 


  • To start collecting leads through TrustRadius, you must have a leads license and enable your lead form
  • If you'd like to set up a webhook to send TrustRadius leads to Salesforce, please refer to this article.

To set up a webhook:

  1. In a web browser, navigate to TrustRadius. Click For Vendors > Access Vendor Portal. Log into your TrustRadius account.
  2. In the side navigation menu, click Buyers > Leads Webhook. 
  3. On the "Other Systems" tab, define the endpoint for your webhook by entering the following information:
    • Endpoint URL - This is the URL that your leads data should be sent to
    • Headers (optional) - You can add custom headers to the webhook payload. Custom headers can be used to authenticate webhook requests.
    • In the "Map lead form fields" section, you can map your lead form fields to their corresponding fields in your third party system. Enter the corresponding names in the "Destination Field" column.
  4. Once you've completed all required fields, click Save Changes.
  5. To send a test lead, click Send Test Lead. TrustRadius will send a test lead to your configured webhook and provide feedback on whether it was successfully delivered or not.