The leads feature will be available starting in June 2023. If you are a TrustRadius customer, you will receive an email from your Customer Success Manager once it's available.

TrustRadius leads are generated when buyers who are interested in your product submit their contact details via a Lead form. Buyers can access the Lead form through your TrustRadius product listing, pricing page, comparison page, and more.

Note: A leads license is required in order to enable your lead form.

To start collecting leads through TrustRadius:

  1. In a web browser, navigate to TrustRadius. Click For Vendors > Access Vendor Portal. Log into your TrustRadius account.
  2. In the side navigation menu, click Buyers > Lead Form.
  3. In the top right corner of the "Lead Form" page, toggle the "Enable lead form" setting on. This will activate your lead form and make it accessible to buyers on TrustRadius.

Once activated, the Lead form can be accessed through a “Contact” CTA on your TrustRadius product listing(s), pricing page, comparison page, and more.