You can view information on any leads submitted through TrustRadius on the Leads Activity page in the vendor portal. 

Note: To start collecting leads through TrustRadius, you must first enable your lead form

To access the Leads Activity page:

  1. In a web browser, navigate to TrustRadius. Click For Vendors > Access Vendor Portal. Log into your TrustRadius account.
  2. In the side navigation menu, click Buyers > Leads Activity. Any leads collected through TrustRadius will be displayed in the Leads Activity table with the following information:  
    • Name - The name of the person that submitted the lead
    • Company - The company that the lead works for
    • Product - The product that the lead is inquiring about
    • Submission Date - The date that the lead was submitted to TrustRadius
    • See Details - Click See Details to view more information on a lead
  3. To view more information on a lead, click See Details. This will open the Lead Details page. In addition to the lead's Name, Company, and Submission Date, the following information will be displayed on this page:
    • Contact Information - The contact information that the lead provided
    • Product - The product that the lead is inquiring about
    • Interested in - The service that the lead is interested in (e.g. a demo, quote, etc.)
    • Message - If the lead included a message with their submission, it will be shown here.
    • Webhook Delivery Status - If you've configured a webhook to deliver TrustRadius leads to a third-party system (such as Salesforce), this field will show whether the lead was successfully delivered.