Note: To use this integration, you must be an Intentsify customer and have an active subscription to TrustRadius' intent data offering. 

To view all accounts who have shown intent in TrustRadius:

  1. If you have not already done so, please activate the TrustRadius/Intentsify integration.
  2. Log in to Intentsify.
  3. In the side menu, click My Campaigns.
  4. On the Campaign page, click Expand filters. Click the "Custom Sources" dropdown and select "TrustRadius." Click Apply Filters. (If you do not see "TrustRadius" as an option in the dropdown, this means that there are no TrustRadius intent activities available for the selected week of the campaign. Try selecting a different week and try again.)

  5. The Account list will be updated to show accounts that have engaged in intent activities on TrustRadius. To see the specific activities, click on the arrow to expand the account and click the "TrustRadius" tab. This tab shows the intent activities that the account executed on TrustRadius and their associated scoring. If a location is available for that account, that data will be shown too. TrustRadius intent data is factored into Intentsify's Aggregate Scoring as well as into their Domain Tier scoring.