You have the option to send immediately or schedule regular delivery of the dashboards and their data to share with your broader team in order to drive action or track performance of your most important KPIs in working with TrustRadius. This is helpful if you have team members who don’t want to login to the vendor portal regularly to look at this data or they don’t have access to see this data in the vendor portal. 

How to schedule delivery of dashboards to emails:

  1. Click the three-dot dashboard menu in the top right corner of the dashboard

  2. Click Schedule delivery

Once you select Schedule delivery, either an existing schedules window appears or a schedule and send window appears, depending on whether you have already created existing schedules on the dashboard.

Existing schedules window

If you have already created schedules for this dashboard, an existing schedules window appears. This window shows the schedules that you have set along with information about each schedule, such as destination and format. Deliveries that use the Send now recurrence and schedules that were created by other people do not appear in this window.

Schedule and send window

If you select New from the existing schedules window, or, if you do not have any pre-existing schedules for the dashboard, a schedule and send window opens. This window lets you customize recurrence, destination, format, filters, and more: