What is a TrustQuote?

TrustQuotes are a quick and easy way to surface the voice of your customers directly from your TrustRadius reviews. We can use TrustQuotes to enrich your web-pages to automate and leverage SEO and Google Star benefits, or build trust and buyer preference by displaying quality, in-depth review responses from your customers. TrustQuotes are organized with tag names, or keywords to help you find customer quotes on the specific topic.

Leveraging TrustQuotes 

Most complex B2B products are sold, not bought. Vendors proactively create demand and actively work to influence active buyers as opposed to just expecting them to do their own research unaided. Yet prospects trust their peers ahead of what vendors communicate. Consequently, infusing the authentic voice of your customers via 3rd party verified reviews into your own marketing and sales channels improves conversion. Including relevant third party verified customer voice content has been demonstrated to increase conversion of organic traffic 20-100% and PPC traffic 10-20% driving more leads with no incremental marketing spend. 

Surfacing your Customer Voice 

TrustQuotes are powerful excerpts from the long-form reviews about your product on the TrustRadius site. These snippets of insights are tagged and organized within the vendor portal based on a taxonomy with SEO optimization in mind (competitors, features, benefits, ROI, etc.). These quotes can also be easily syndicated with the TrustQuotes for Web widget to reinforce your marketing and sales messaging. The SEO benefits derived from using the TrustQuotes for Web widget allows you to pull in review content into any page on your site and this content adds fresh, keyword-rich content to the pages where you’ve added the widget. We've seen this lead to an increased volume in keywords that your URLs can rank for as well as improved rankings for keywords that you already rank for. Google is able to see and index this content on your site and use it in evaluating your pages for rankings in search as explained in this video from Google. Once reviews start rolling in, we'll be excited for you to leverage the TrustQuotes Widget to increase both social proof and drive your ROI with TrustRadius. 

Tagging Reviews for TrustQuotes

Tagging your reviews is the process of using the taxonomy, or keywords created to tag individual reviews so grow your TrustQuotes library for use in syndication and marketing materials (depending upon your paid TrustRadius products subscription). Our customers can tag their own reviews, or let our TrustRadius taxonomy specialist tag your reviews with the review keywords available in the  TrustRadius Vendor Portal.

To begin tagging your reviews:

  1. Ensure the product you would like to work on is selected 

  2. Click ‘Reviews’ on the navigation ribbon

  3. Select ‘Manage Reviews’ from the left hand menu

  4. Select ‘New’ from the show status drop down

  5. Click ‘Process’ to begin processing a review

There are 2 types of tags that exist when you open a review to process it: Review Level and Quote Level Tags

Review Level Tags:

Review level tags are the first thing we see in the flow of the review, however, they are not our first choice for tagging customer quotes, as these tags are typically demographic in nature. Think of Review Level Tags as being more about the reviewer and therefore relevant to the entire review, not just a quote.

*Note that the ‘Standard Tags’ that have been toggled on in Taxonomy, are automatically applied to your review

Quote Level Tags:

We begin tagging new reviews with Quote Level tags because they allow admins to take individual sentiments and add keywords that apply to them to organize the content we view. To begin curating quotes relevant to particular tags, highlight a portion of the review and the ‘TrustQuote Tags’ window will appear with a white field drop-down to select the relevant tags.

Once you have tagged the quotes relevant to your tags, the user’s review will have:

 A. Multiple yellow highlighted quotes 

B. One green highlighted quote

The  yellow quotes are considered important customer comments, but the green highlighted quote in each review is the summary quote that best represents the user’s sentiments in total of the review. 

Every review must have a summary quote, so to make any quote a summary quote, you can add it under ‘Summary Quote’, by clicking the dropdown caret.

Select the best summary quote based on the list of quotes from the review:

To finalize tagging your review, click the ‘Promote’ button.