The TrustQuotes Library is where you can find your organization’s TrustQuotes, or powerful excerpts, or quotes we curate from the long-form reviews about your product in the TrustRadius Vendor Portal.

The TrustQuotes Library can be found by navigating to TrustQuotes in the top menu, then TrustQuotes Library in the left rail.

These snippets of insights are tagged and organized within the vendor portal based on a taxonomy that is important to your team (competitors, features, benefits, ROI, etc.). These quotes can be easily syndicated to reinforce your marketing and sales messaging. You can search through your quotes as shown below in the ‘Search’ textbox via the keywords that have been added to the TR Vendor Portal.


You can manually export all relevant quotes to send them internally to your teams

You can chose to export the TrustQuotes to a csv file, or to your clipboard and paste them into communications/marketing/advertising creatives


While exporting TrustQuotes to a csv, you may encounter quotes “where the reviewer has opted out of sharing their personal data for marketing purposes.” As they wish to remain anonymous for marketing purposes.

In the csv file you will notice under the ‘Name’ column the anonymous reviewer is defined as a ‘ Verified User’.

You can still use the anonymous reviewer’s TrustQuotes in marketing materials, but you will need to refer to this reviewer as “Verified User” when displaying a name attached to their TrustQuote.