We refer to the TrustRadius Chrome Extension as a quote finder for sales reps and it is most frequently used to automate and empower your field team with:

  • Quotes from customer reviews at their fingertips

  • Narrow results by products and tags

  • Easily copy and drop customer quotes anywhere -  Emails | Presentations | Proposal documents

The biggest benefits of this Google Browser tool include:

  • No need to leave your browser or go to another tool

  • Customer quotes readily available for use in your existing workflows

  • Seamless install process + no work to receive extension updates and improvements

To get started, users need a TrustRadius account with access to your company’s profile to sign in to the Chrome extension to access quotes about your products. 

  1. Once you have a TrustRadius account, head to the listing on the Chrome Web Store.

  2. Click ‘Add to Chrome’ to begin installation and follow the prompts. 

  3. All extensions are in the puzzle icon in the top right corner of your browser window.    

  1. Pin the extension to your browser by clicking on the pushpin icon next to the extension name. 

  1. Open the extension by clicking on the ‘TR’ icon. 

A. Click here to access the Extension and “Sign In” to the TR Vendor Portal.

B. Click here to select the product you want to find quotes on.

C. Click here to access simple filtering with tags, or add more tags to narrow your list of quotes to find the perfect fit.

D. Copy the review in full format with the stars, quote, and reviewer profile picture/information.

Refreshing the TrustQuotes Chrome Extension

You can refresh the extension from the icon in the bottom left

Clicking the refresh icon may prompt you to sign in again.

*Note: If you click the settings toggle wheel on the right, you can set your preferred date range.

Check out this video for a detailed walkthrough of these steps and this Slide Deck can be easily shared with your Sales or BDR teams!