TrustRadius Product Intent Data

Product intent data in the Vendor Portal gives activity information about only competitors visiting TR vendor-related pages like product profiles reviews and comparison pages. This data reflects individuals whose IP address is identifiable with high confidence

Product Intent Data data has actual visualizations of the intent signals that we are seeing. You can navigate to the product intent data in theVendor Portal, under Reports > Intent Data

At the top of the page there are a number of search filter criteria to refine the results. You can limit search results to look at the content that offers the most value. This could be a custom period of time or a look back snapshot of the last 30, 90, or 180 days. The preliminary information about the company size, location, number of visits, and date stamp of last visit. If you click on view details you can get the activity breakdown from the IP address for the last 90 days. Activities are listed with a date stamp along with a link to the page they visited.

To get the activity details from the intent signal, click ‘View Details’:

The User is not revealed in product level intent, so the company details are listed, along with the date and type of activity generated by the click.

The eye symbol represents the number of times the user visits the page. The type of TR page the user visits is also listed, so an indication of the type of research a user is doing is more clear. You can export these results and import them into a CRM to Auto leverage them. Effectively, anything click that any customer does on our site we track as an intent signal.

We are able to identify around 40 to 45% of the visitors to our sites and figure out the company they work for and we do that by a handful of different means:

  • We ask people to log in to leave reviews and we have access to their LinkedIn 

  • We use reverse IP resolution 

We have a handful of ways of determining exactly what company they work for and we can see what actions that those people are taking on. 

When you have product intent data, you get the results of every click generated from your product and your category is in these data files. This includes only companies visiting TrustRadius: Software Reviews, Software Comparisons and More  and visiting your related pages, including product profiles, reviews, and comparisons, and whose IP address is identifiable with high confidence.

TrustRadius Category Intent Data

Your box folder contains a raw CSV. file, we have automation that runs every week on Sunday and it grabs the last week of intent and deposits the raw file directly into your dedicated Box folder so it’s ready to use on Monday.

Improve ABM programs

With bottom-of-funnel intent data, marketing teams, salespeople, and business development representatives can target the same accounts, creating more touch points. Messaging can also be crafted for a more personal touch while using downstream intent data to find insight into how best to position the offering. Utilizing intent data can also help speed up the buying cycle because targeted accounts are actively showing interest and are closer to a decision. To access your API key for your product to integrate with your ABM platform, navigate to the cog in the right hand corner of the TrustRadius Vendor Portal.

Click Integrations on the left rail > API Key and if your have multiple products, use the dropdown menu for Supported Products to retrieve the Product Id.

Best Practices:

  • BI tools or marketing outreach, take the intent list and match it to the email list and send all of the relevant contacts a “We saw you looking at us on TrustRadius…” email

  • Layering Campaigns and targeting: drill down by same segmenting into list building

  • Standalone dashboards or analysis

  • Dashboard usage for the automation of reports. 

  • Potential to cross reference intent signals to marketing campaigns that are running to help determine if marketing efforts are landing where expected