General Questions

If you still can’t find the answer to your question, please submit a support ticket.

Question: I’m interested in TrustRadius Event Support. What do I need to do?

Answer: Not yet a TrustRadius customer? Reach out through our event support form, here. For existing customers, please reach out to your CSM to coordinate a call between you and our events team.

Please come prepared with the following details:

  • Event type, date, time, location

  • Booth details (if available); we are flexible in our approach and can accommodate a review space as small (or as large) as the event will allow 

  • Any other relevant details about the event 

Question: How much lead time do I need to give TrustRadius to work my event?

Answer: 60 days for domestic events; 90 days for international events. Schedule a strategy call here.

Question: How many people can I expect to attend and work my event from the TrustRadius team?

Answer: We send a minimum of two TrustRadius representatives, and more if needed. One person stays at the booth helping customers with the review process while the other person works the crowd to drive traffic to the booth. This is a major differentiator for us vs. our competitors.

Question: How does TrustRadius collect reviews at events?

Answer: There are three main ways we collect reviews at events: written, video, and hybrid reviews. 

Written reviews:

  • Get a high quantity of reviews due to simultaneous reviewers

  • A landing page link will be available for review at the booth

  • The more space you can provide for laptops in the booth, the higher your count will be

  • Our team will supply all the laptops needed to accommodate the space provided

  • Written reviews take anywhere from 10-20 minutes each

Video reviews: 

  • Get a lower quantity of reviews but with higher-quality content

  • Average video review is 500 words

  • All video reviews are transcribed to text so they will count toward award qualifications

  • If the customer consents to video usage, depending on your package, you can use edited video in sales/marketing

  • Video reviews are more conversational 

  • If a video reviewer does not want to be filmed, we can collect audio only

  • The video reviewer can still be anonymous

  • Video reviews take 6-10 minutes depending on whether or not you have custom questions 

Hybrid reviews: 

  • Our team can drive both video and written reviews, giving reviewers an option 

Question: Can TrustRadius support international events?

Answer: Yes, we are happy to accommodate. We need 90 days notice to adequately prepare.

Question: Is there a guaranteed number of reviews we will receive?

Answer: No. Many factors will play into success outcomes, including but not limited to attendance count, booth location, incentives, and whether you are doing video or written reviews. For events with under 2,000 attendees, we typically see 5-10% of customers convert to leave a review. If you have an event with 1,000 customers in attendance, that is 50-100 reviews! 

We recommend utilizing this checklist for best results: 

  • unchecked

    Centralized location/high-traffic area

  • unchecked

    Business cards (provided by TrustRadius)

  • unchecked

    Social media campaign

  • unchecked

    Tabletop sign (provided by TrustRadius)

  • unchecked

    Push notifications

  • unchecked

    Pre-event/post-event email

  • unchecked

    Written reviews (if you are interested in a high quantity) 

Question: What does the event setup look like?

Answer: If you have full space for us to set up, we have an 8’x8’ backwall, two standees, and two tablecloths that are TrustRadius branded. Let us know if you’d like us to bring these, otherwise, feel free to either let us share a booth or provide your own backdrop. 

Question: Is there an extra cost for video reviews vs. written reviews?

Answer: No price difference. We can do video only, written only, or a hybrid approach. Again, this is a major differentiator for us vs. our competitors.

Question: We don’t have enough space for a written review booth. What are our options? Answer: Video reviews only take up a few feet of space. We can set up on the edge of the booth so we do not get in the way. 

Question: We are already encouraging reviews on-site (with VOC, G2, or Gartner) and don’t want to overwhelm the customer. What can we do?

Answer: We’ve found that stationing these review platforms next to each other actually helps rather than hurts. You can turn this into a gamification tactic where you encourage attendees to write a review for each platform to win a grand prize. 

Question: What does TrustRadius Event Support cost?

Answer: Speak to your account manager regarding a quote

Written reviews/incentives

Question: How quickly do written reviews get published? 

Answer: We prioritize reviews written at events as part of the event support package. While there is no guaranteed publish date, typically we are able to process these reviews within 24-48 hours. 

Question: Can we increase/decrease the incentive for the gift card? 

Answer: Yes, generally speaking, the $25 gift card does very well with reviewers. While a decreased incentive will still work, you may see a lower conversion rate.

Question: Can we work a donation to charity into the incentive? 

Answer: Absolutely. There are a few different ways we can work in a donation. Have a call with our events manager, your CSM, or account manager and we can decide which option is best for you. 

Question: Can the incentive be in euros or other international currencies? 

Answer: Yes, when a reviewer has their review published, it will automatically arrive in the currency of the country they noted when they filled in their demographic information. The issued funds will be the equivalent of $25 USD. 

Video reviews

Question: Can we source video reviews without TrustRadius on-site? 

Answer: No, a TrustRadius staff member must be present to collect video reviews.

Question: Will we have rights to the video content after the event has ended? 

Answer: Reach out to your CSM, but if this is in your contract, you should have access to use these videos in sales and marketing as long as we have verbal consent from the reviewer.

Question: Will our custom questions be included in video reviews? 

Answer: Yes. If you have custom questions, they will be part of the script. Please let your CSM know if you’d like to change your custom questions ahead of the event. 

Question: What if we decide to go with video reviews only and someone is unsure of being filmed? 

Answer: Not to worry, we can collect reviews via audio recording instead. The reviewer does have the option to be anonymous and they can say “no” to consent for video use. The audio will then be transcribed to a text format review. 

Question: When will video reviews be available to us? 

Answer: Our team needs time to transcribe and edit the video reviews. This process can take one to two months. 

Question: Will video reviews count toward awards? 

Answer: Yes, all video reviews are transcribed to a text format, so they will count toward TrustRadius awards. 

Independent sourcing/other review-sourcing methods

Question: Are business cards complimentary even if we do not have TrustRadius staff on-site? Can these be shipped internationally? 

Answer: Business cards are complimentary, even if you choose not to have TrustRadius on-site. If you prefer for our team to have these printed, we can either ship them to you or arrange for the cards to be picked up at a FedEx print shop. This excludes FedEx locations in a convention center. Alternatively, we could send you the file if you’d like to print them on your own. 

Question: We don’t have enough space for a written review booth. What are our options? 

Answer: Video reviews only take up a few feet of space. We can set up on the edge of the booth so we do not get in the way. 

Question: Our team wants to source reviews independently. What do you recommend? 


  • unchecked

    Have a designated team member push reviews while on-site

  • unchecked

    Ensure your team is talking up leaving a review

  • unchecked

    If you have booth space, have a few laptops set up to leave a review in person

  • unchecked

    Hand out business cards; ask our team for help designing and printing

  • unchecked

    Run a social campaign alongside your event

  • unchecked

    Send pre-/post-event emails

  • unchecked

    If there is a virtual aspect of the event, have a link to drop in the chat

Question: Our event is virtual. What can I do to source reviews?

Answer: You have quite a few other ways to source reviews. Please see this deck and view this checklist: 

  • unchecked

    Link to drop in the chat

  • unchecked

    QR code for opening slide

  • unchecked

    Speakers remind attendees to leave a review after sessions

  • unchecked

    Virtual review booth

  • unchecked

    Social media campaign to promote event

  • unchecked


Question: Will a social media campaign to promote events encourage fraudulent reviewers? 

Answer: Putting a link on social media increases the chance of that link getting spammed or generating a review from a fraudulent reviewer. However, we have a team of processors who read each review to ensure it is written by a real user. Even if a social media campaign gets you one or two additional reviews, every little bit helps. 

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