How to improve category visibility on TrustRadius?

Driving reviews on TrustRadius is just one piece of the profile optimization puzzle. Similar to a search engine, TrustRadius rewards vendors that add a wealth of fresh, relevant content to their product listings. This information helps in-market buyers find your listing, engage with your page, and ultimately accelerates the decisioning process. 

By following this profile optimization checklist you can expect:

  • More pageviews to your product listing

  • Increased volume of downstream intent signals 

  • More leads 

  • Easier qualification for TrustRadius awards, including Top Rated

  • Increased review content for sales and marketing usage

  • Better visibility on category rank pages vs. your competitors

  • Increased visibility on Google SERPs 

On our blog, we provide a high-level optimization checklist and talk about the data-backed reasons why we implemented these criteria. Below, we provide a more in-depth explanation on how this criteria impacts your visibility on TrustRadius category pages.

There are three main factors in the ranking algorithm (jump to each section below):

  • Factor 1: Reviews, Ratings, trScore -  Do a product’s customers love the product? 

  • Factor 2: Qualifying and Winning Awards - Especially Top Rated 

  • Factor 3: Profile Completeness - One that is optimized for buyers

TrustRadius Category Visibility Logic & Recommendations

Factor 1: Ratings, reviews, and trScore

TrustRadius rewards products that have a strong history of their users loving their product and fresh review content that supports this trend. The most important thing you can do to increase your category ranking is keep a steady stream of fresh reviews that reflect a high product rating and overall trScore. 

You will get credit for having:

  • A good historical track record of healthy consistent reviews (your entire history on TrustRadius) 

  • Having many reviews with a high product rating

  • Positive customer sentiment (over the last 12 months)

Areas to monitor:

  • Your total number of reviews

  • Your total number of reviews in the last 12 months

  • Your trScore

  • Your trScore in the past 12 months

Reminder: In order to get credit for your reviews and product ratings and have them reflected in your ranking, your reviews have to be trusted. Submit a Trusted Analysis request with your CSM.

Factor 2: Qualifying for and winning awards

Winning Top Rated is an important factor in category visibility. Why? Criteria to win include 10+ or updated reviews in the last 12 months and a trScore of 7.5 or higher. Did you win Top Rated in the last year? Are you on track to win this year? Learn more about how to qualify for Top Rated and other awards. Watch your Top Rated pacing on your vendor portal dashboard. 

Reach out to your CSM for a strategy session.

Factor 3: Complete your product listing

Another factor in ranking is the completeness of your product profile. There are 8 different factors to having a complete profile. In the section below, we will explain what these factors are and why they are important.

Completing your profile is both good for buyers, but it is also good for you. We have chosen these fields because we know that vendors who complete these fields are most likely to (1) rank highly on Google SERPs (2) create the buying experience that buyers want (3) are in a position to drive other positive outcomes such as maximizing intent signals, leads, referral clicks, and more.


  • Pricing is the #1 thing that buyers ask for outside of reviews supported by evidence in our annual research report: the TrustRadius B2B Buying Disconnect

  • This is the most important thing you can do to complete your profile for buyers. 

  • If you cannot add pricing to the TrustRadius product page, please reach out to your CSM to discuss options.  


  • Enabling your lead form on TrustRadius is important for both you and for buyers. For buyers, this allows them to easily connect with you and your team. Allowing buyers to easily connect with your team through the TrustRadius channel is an important part of having the best experience on TrustRadius. 

Product description 

  • An ideal product description is 500 or more words, but more credit the longer it is (minimum length for some credit is 100 words). This section gives you an opportunity to explain in your own words what your product does and how it helps your buyer.

Product demo(s)

  • Buyers also want product demos in their buying journey in order to become sales-ready. This is one of the top things that buyers look for in order to help them make buying decisions. To qualify for completing this step, a demo can be a sandbox, interactive, or just a YouTube video.

  • TrustRadius has partners who offer options to help you create an interactive demo, including: 

  • Testbox

  • Walnut

  • Tourial

  • Navattic

  • Screenspace

  • To get started, speak with your CSM, or visit our integrations page.


  • Adding screenshots helps buyers visually experience a product and get a better understanding of different use-cases. 

Product videos

  • Separate from a product demo, a product video is typically your product’s overview video. This high-level video explains what your product does, differentiators, and value propositions. 

Free Trial information

  • Buyers love free trials evidenced by the TrustRadius B2B Buyer Disconnect. Free Trials are another thing buyers look for in their buying journey to become sales ready. Vendors should let buyers know if they have a free trial by adding this to their profile.

Security (Whistic) information

  • Streamlining the security step of the buying journey is a huge value add for buyers in many sectors. If this isn’t relevant for the sector that a vendor competes in it’s not likely that a vendor’s competitors will have this. Remember, vendors will only be impacted in rankings in a comparative sense.