TrustRadius’ downstream intent data represents buyers who are researching your product, your competitors, and relevant categories on TrustRadius. Through our integration with Demandbase, marketers can incorporate our downstream intent data in their engagement models to create segments of in-market buyers for marketing and sales targeting and outreach.

You can use Demandbase’s Intent Surge Selectors to view TrustRadius intent signals for accounts that you are interested in. 

*Important: Selector queries will only return intent activities performed by accounts that already have a firmographic profile in your Demandbase tenant. Activities performed by net new accounts will not be surfaced.

To create an Intent Surge selector for TrustRadius intent:

  1. In the left-hand navigation bar of your Demandbase tenant, click [Database icon] > Activities > Activity Filters > Create New.

  2. In the Create New Filter window, enter a Name for your selector and select a Visibility setting. Click Create Filter.
  3. Create an Intent Surge Selector:
    1. Make sure the Selector tab is selected. Under Selector, click the Advanced tab.
    2. In the searchbox on the right-hand side, enter “Intent Surge”. The Intent Surge filter should automatically appear under the searchbox. Click and drag the Intent Surge filter and drop it in the criteria field (dotted-line box) on the left.
    3. Click Add constraint. From the Add Constraint dropdown menu, select Activity Date, Intent Topic, and Source.

    4. Define the Intent Surge filter criteria:
      1. Activity Date (Optional)-  Defines the activity time frame. Any intent activities executed before or after the defined time frame will be filtered out. You can change the operator (e.g. “in the past”), value (e.g. 3), and unit of time (e.g. “months”) of the Activity Date. Keep in mind that activity lists are dynamic-- so, as time passes, new activities that take place within the defined time frame will be automatically added to the list and old activities will be “aged out”. 
      2. Intent Topic (Optional): Allows you to filter TrustRadius intent activities by topic. You can change the operator (e.g. Contains) and/or the value. The value can be a company name, a user activity, or a phrase that describes the business area that you’re researching. You can select one or multiple value types. Here are some examples of Intent Topic values: 
        • Application Performance Monitoring as business area (i.e. category)
        • Acme Corporation as company name
        • Comparison as user activity

  4. Click Save.
  5. Click on the List tab. Each entry on the List tab represents a separate intent activity that was performed by a visitor to the TrustRadius site.

    • Name - The company that the visitor who completed the intent activity is affiliated with.
    • Type - The type of Activity Filter. In this case, the Type will always be “Intent Surge.”
    • Details -  Provides details on the intent activity that was performed by the visitor. To view more details on an activity, hover over the Details column. For more information, see Understanding TrustRadius intent activity details.
    • Engagement Minutes - An Engagement Minute is a weighted score that helps measure the actual amount of intent that an account has shown. You can customize the Engagement Minutes that are assigned to TrustRadius intent activities. For more information about this feature, please see What is an Engagement Minute?.
    • Activity Date - The date that the intent activity was executed.