What are interactive demos?

Interactive demos enable buyers to take a self-guided “tour” of your product, giving prospects a unique opportunity to explore your product and evaluate whether it’s a good fit for their organization. Unlike traditional video demos, interactive demos invite buyers to actively engage with a product. They often include built-in guides that direct users through a product’s features, so they can focus on the aspects that interest them. This gives buyers an experience that’s closer to the “real thing.”

In a world where buyers want to conduct more and more of their research independently, interactive demos are a great opportunity to educate self-serve buyers on what makes your product unique.

Why should I add an interactive demo to my TrustRadius product listing?

By adding an interactive demo to your TrustRadius product listing, you can help buyers who are already interested in your product better visualize how it works. A strategically crafted interactive demo can help buyers take the next step in the purchasing journey. Interactive demos also have embedded lead capture capabilities, so you can start engaging with prospects at the right time. 

With interactive demos, buyers can:

  • test-drive a product without ever having to contact a salesperson
  • visualize how a product works and how it would fit in their organization

With interactive demos, vendors can:

  • tailor or personalize their interactive demos to specific use cases
  • gain rich insights into 1) who is test-driving their product, 2) to what extent, and 3) what their interest level is

How can I add an interactive demo to my TrustRadius product listing?

TrustRadius has created a simple, frictionless way for vendors to add interactive demos to their presence on TrustRadius. To add your interactive demo to your TrustRadius product listing, simply follow the steps in this article.

I don’t have an interactive demo. Can I create one?

Yes! You can leverage one of our four demo partners (Walnut.io, Navattic, Tourial or Storylane) to create an interactive demo and add it to your TrustRadius product listing. 

Here’s how to to get started:

  1. Choose an interactive demo partner and create your free demo. Each partner offers unique opportunities for lead capture, sharing demos outside of TrustRadius.com, and more. Explore our four partners below:
  2. Once you’ve created your interactive demo, follow these steps to add it to your TrustRadius product listing. If you do not have access to edit your product listing, claim your TrustRadius profile to get started.