What is Whistic?

Whistic is a platform that enables vendors to instantly share their security qualifications with sales prospects and customers. Vendors can build a Whistic profile by uploading their security documentation and audit reports and by completing industry-standard questionnaires provided by the Whistic team. Vendors can share their Whistic Profile easily with prospects and customers to build trust early in the sales process.

Why should I add a Whistic security profile to my TrustRadius product listing?

Whistic and TrustRadius are partnering to allow you to add your Whistic profile link to your TrustRadius product listing. This will enable interested buyers to request access to your Whistic security profile. Granting buyers access to your profile allows them to easily evaluate your security qualifications, accelerating the security assessment process of the sales cycle. 

Note: Buyers who would like to view your full Whistic profile will still need to request access from you, so you will have full control over and visibility into who is accessing your profile.


How can I add my Whistic security profile to my TrustRadius product listing?

TrustRadius has created a simple, frictionless way for vendors to add their Whistic security profile to their presence on TrustRadius. To add your Whistic profile to your TrustRadius product listing, simply follow the steps in this article.

I don’t have a Whistic profile. Can I create one?

Yes! Whistic is offering a free Whistic profile to vendors with TrustRadius product listings. Click here to get started. After registering, a Whistic representative will help you build your Whistic profile and enable sharing with TrustRadius.