Review Tags

Setting up the review tags, or TrustQuotes Taxonomy are important for a number of reasons:

  • to organize the long form review content
  • to optimize your TrustQuotes Library search results
  • to provide ease of use when automating quotes with our QuoteFinder for Sales Reps
  • to filter quote content by topic to feeds into the TrustQuotes Widget

Review tags can be single words, short, or long-tail keywords and well organized tags can help makes accessing quotes by topics and ‘buzzwords’ most relevant to your organization easier in the TrustRadius Vendor Portal. If a Review Tag does not exist, the quote cannot be tagged and automated and there are no limits to the number of tags, so making the most of your Review Tags, can help you access reviewer quote content easier.

Navigating to the Review Tags to Create Tag Groups

In the new vendor portal experience, you can find the Review Tags in the left rail under Settings > Review Tags

In the legacy vendor portal experience, you can find the Review Tags on the navigation bar, then click on the settings icon in the top right corner.

1. Click Review Tags in the left rail, as shown in the screenshot below

2. Click + New Tag Group

3. Type the Tag Group name of choice

4. Add keywords in the textboxes below the Alphabetize Tags button 

5. Click the Save button to save changes you made to the tags.

Review Tag Best Practices

Review Tag Groups

Review Tag Groups are created first and individual review tags are added to the Tag Groups. The following are review tag group names vendors commonly use in the TrustRadius Vendor Portal to organize review tags content:

Review Tag Group Suggestion

Organizational Purpose 

Key Use Cases

To identify common use cases

Key Features

To identify common product features

Key Benefits

To identify common benefits of the product


To identify relevant competitors

Custom Industries

Create keyword tags to identify custom industries 


Create keyword tags to identify common product functionality

SEO Rich Keywords

Create keyword tags to identify SEO Rich Keywords 

Review Tag Names

Review Tags Names can be used in a variety of ways, always remember these tags are not front facing, so creating tags that are custom to your organization to filter quote content will be most efficient. Here are some review tag ideas to get started with:

Review Tag Name Suggestion

Content Purpose

Compare products

The review quote contains product comparison 


This quote refers to a comment left about how this product creates collaboration


This quote provides a comment about product performance

Mobile Application

This quote provides a comment about the product's mobile application

Compare pricing

This quotes provides a price comparison

Case Studies

This is a case study worthy quote

Sales Enablement

This quote would benefit the Sales Enablement Team