You can use ZoomInfo filters to create dynamic lists of accounts that are researching your products, competitors or category on TrustRadius. 


  1. Log into ZoomInfo.
  2. In SalesOS, click Advanced Search. (If you are not in SalesOS, click the grid icon in the top right corner and click SalesOS.) 
  3. In the Filters sidebar, scroll down to “Sales Signals”. Click TrustRadius Buyer Intent. (If you do not see TrustRadius Buyer Intent, follow the steps in this article to pin TrustRadius filters to your ZoomInfo search.)
  4. Define your filter criteria based on your target audience: 
    1. To view only accounts that are researching your products on TrustRadius: Select your products from the “Product Name” filter. 
    2. To view only accounts that are researching your competitors on TrustRadius: Select the competitors’ products from the “Product Name” filter.
    3. To view accounts that are researching your category: Select the Category from the “Product Category” filter. 
    4. Click here for more information on the TrustRadius Buyer Intent filters.
  5. Once you’ve defined your filters, the right pane will automatically update and show results matching your search criteria. Results are shown in 3 tabs:
    1. Contacts- These are recommended contacts based on the accounts that match your search criteria. 
      • Note: The contacts shown in this tab are not necessarily the actual people who conducted research on TrustRadius. Rather, they are decision maker contacts from ZoomInfo’s database that are being recommended based on the accounts researching you on TrustRadius. 
    2. Companies - These are accounts that are researching you on TrustRadius and match your search criteria. 
    3. Scoops - Scoops are company insights that have been gathered by ZoomInfo from various sources including customer surveys, researchers, and web crawlers. The Scoops tab will only show information related to accounts that match your search criteria.