What is TrustQuotes syndication?

By partnering with TrustRadius, customers are licensed to use excerpts, or TrustQuotes from TrustRadius reviews within their own channels. TrustQuotes can be embedded in web pages, printed in collateral, used in emails and advertisements, and more. 

TrustRadius offers several syndications options that are easy to set up so that you can begin putting TrustQuotes to work:

TrustQuotes are powerful excerpts from the long-form reviews about your product on the TrustRadius site. These snippets of insights are tagged and organized within the vendor portal based on a taxonomy ideally with SEO optimization in mind (competitors, features, benefits, ROI, etc.). 

These quotes can also be easily syndicated with the TrustQuotes for Web widget to reinforce your marketing and sales messaging. The SEO benefits derived from using the TrustQuotes for Web widget allows you to pull in review content into any page on your site and this content adds fresh, keyword-rich content to the pages where you have added the widget. 

We have seen this lead to an increased volume in keywords that your URLs can rank for, as well as improved rankings for keywords you already rank for. Google is able to see and index this content on your site and use it in evaluating your pages for rankings in search as explained in this video from Google. Once reviews start rolling in, leverage the TrustQuotes Widget to increase both social proof and drive your ROI with TR. 

Quick Wins other companies are having with the Widget:

Increase Conversion

  • Syndication increases conversion rate by 25-35%
  • Higher conversion rate helps reduce CPA for paid ads

Impact SEO

  • Get star ratings for your website on Google  search pages
  • Increase CTRs from Google
  • Increase exposure to branded, non-branded, and long-tail keywords

Increase Engagement

  • Increase time  spent, pages consumed per session
  • Increase scroll depth on web pages
  • Personalized Reviews

Now that you know what TrustQuotes are, you have built your TrustQuotes library based on your review tags, and understand the content needs of your team from your customer voice- you are ready to put this powerful content to work across sales and marketing channels. Here are some examples of what the TrustQuotes for Web Widget looks like:

Only 11% of buyers said vendor reps were trustworthy, and 19% said reps were very influential in making their decision. 

Messaging infused with your customer's voice helps buyers take your reps seriously, reps have more influence in their deals and your team closes the widening trust gap.