What is an API?

An API (Application Programming Interface) is a structured way for the TrustRadius team to deliver data directly to your team, on-demand. Your team makes a call (a request for data) with a line of code and is returned a file of data encoded as a JSON or a CSV. To make an API call with TrustRadius you will need the following:

  • Base TrustRadius URL + TrustQuotes for Web endpoint address 
  • Your TrustRadius API Key
  • Optionally, additional resources and parameters

Why use TrustQuotes API?

The TrustQuotes API is a public API available only to TrustRadius customers to enable them to get tagged quotes for all subscribed products on TrustRadius. Customers can query the API to get quotes for all of their products, or can specify individual products to retrieve quotes for. API requests must be made server side, and customers can store their quotes for various use cases, including building their own widgets on their site to showcase customer proof points.

By using the TrustQuotes API to retrieve your tagged quotes, you have the ability to fully customize the look and styling of your own customer feedback widget on your landing pages. 

To learn more about the differences of using the TrustQuotes for Web (TQW) widget or the TrustQuotes API for your syndication needs, check out this article

You can find the TrustQuotes API documentation here