TrustQuotes for Web Widget (TQW)

The TrustQuotes for Web widget (TQW) is an easy to build, self-serve digital widget filled with customer quotes from reviews published on TrustRadius. The widget can be deployed across landing pages to increase visitor engagement, improve SEO and traffic, and drive higher conversion rates. TQW allows you to quickly build a widget with tagged quotes from one product, and deploy that widget on your landing pages to dynamically display customer quotes based on review tags and other parameters. Learn more about the TrustQuotes for Web widget (TQW) here

TrustQuotes API

The TrustQuotes API is a public API available only to TrustRadius customers to enable them to get tagged quotes for all subscribed products on TrustRadius. Customers can query the API to get quotes for all of their products, or can specify individual products to retrieve quotes for. API requests must be made server side, and customers can store their quotes for various use cases, including building their own widgets on their site to showcase customer proof points. Learn more about the TrustQuotes API here.

TQW vs API Comparison


TrustQuotes Widget (TQW)

TrustQuotes API

# of Products

TQW supports building a widget for 1 product at a time. TrustRadius does not currently offer a multi-product widget. 

Customers can make API requests to get quotes for all of their products or individual products. 


The widget has ‘out-of-the-box’ styling that can be customized using custom CSS to match the styling of a customer's landing pages. 

All styling and design is up to the customer to implement. The API supports getting the raw quote content. 

How it works

- Build your widget in the TrustRadius vendor portal by applying tags and filters.

- Optional: apply custom CSS to style the widget to fit the design of your pages.

- Copy the JavaScript snippet for your widget.

- Insert the JavaScript snippet on your landing page.

- Make a server side request to the TrustQuotes API using your TrustRadius API key. 

- You can request quotes for a specific product by including the Product ID(s) in the request. Note, to look up your Product IDs you can use the /product-ids API.

- Store the quotes you receive in the API response in your own database. 

- Build and style your own widget to include the quotes you want to display on your landing page. 

Star Ratings Feature

- Available out of the box with TQW.

- Will update in Google search results automatically over time when your trScore (rating) number and review count numbers update on TrustRadius. 

See more documentation linked to the left. 

- Not available via the API, but you can add additional code to the page in order to get the star ratings feature to show up. For more information, see the AggregateRating schema type example in this Google documentation, which is the type of code you will need to add to the page(s) with the review content in order to get this feature to work. 

- This may mean the trScore (rating) and review count information that will be shown in Google search results in the Star Ratings feature will become outdated. This is because the code may need to be manually updated over time by someone on your team.

See more documentation linked to the left.